Hire automobile around Singapore and Malaysia

Having a car is always great. But it is not possible to drive your car when you are not in your home city or you are on vacation. The best option is to hire car from a reliable and genuine car rental service provider. If you are one of those who are thinking to spend your vacation in Malaysia in time of winter and thinking to rent a car then you can definitely take the easybook car rental  in Malaysia and Singapore. It would be great as well as convenient of driving car in the region of Malaysia with the safety and comfort of a hired car.

Choose Best Car Rental Service in Malaysia

car12When tourism is one of the largest ways to the economy of Malaysia, car rental service providers in Malaysia pay an extra effort to provide best service to the tourists who visit Malaysia every year from different parts of the world. Every year Malaysia host some of the wonderful parties to celebrate New Year eve with parties, live entertainment programs, shows including colorful firework. A majority of people visit Malaysia in this time to have such beautiful experiences in memory lanes. Streets, shops and markets are decorated with illumination and it is just amazing to sightseeing Malaysia or Singapore and surrounding cities with your hired car. Booking a car in Malaysia is so much easy. You can pick up any of the car rental service provider and visit website as per your convenient to book your desired car. Just you need to spend little time to find out the best car rental services in Malaysia.

Online Car Rental Service

If you want to avoid the rush in booking your car in Malaysia then you can go for advance booking service online. Thus, you can hire the best car as per your budget and you can get your hired car at airport in Malaysia on your arrival. There is no need to waste extra money to hire a random car or taxi and you can see the sights in Malaysia at your pace.

Ferry from Singapore to Indonesia


Singapore is considered to be one of the Asia’s busiest metropolises, which is just a stone throw distance from the soothing islands of the neighboring country Indonesia. Many people plan to pay a visit to this city for enjoying a small trip and catch the glimpses of some of the paradises.

Travelling by Ferry – Provides an Enjoyable Experience

In case you want to be in touch with the nature even when you are travelling, then it is good to choose ferry for travelling. Travelling by sea can really prove to be an enjoyable experience if done properly.  Booking a batam ferry from Singapore will let you visit some of the mostly preferred tropical resort islands of the Riau Archipelago.

Islands to be Visited by Ferry from Singapore to Indonesia


The ferries have been reported to depart from both terminals of Harbour Front and Tanah Merahand finally making their way to some of the beautiful islands. The islands to be visited have been mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Bintan – Bintan is considered to be among the largest among the 3200 islands which lies at a distance of less than 40 kilometers from Singapore. This island is known to boast some of the lush tropical forests and white beautiful beaches. As it is not highly populated, the pristine coastline has been considered to be long enough to accommodate a large number of tourists along with leaving enough space for the nature.
  • A numerous ferries are known to run between Singapore and Bintan Island. The total duration of the journey can be assumed to be at most one hour. Generally the ferries operate on a daily basis to serve the public at regular basis.
  • Batam – The Batam Island is situated to the west of Bintan is known mainly for its dense population. It is mainly known to comprise a free trade zone with electronic factories, ship repair industry and even large oil service sector. Tourists generally flock from Singapore to this island to take the fun of massage centers, bustling nightlife and casinos. Many ferries have been reported to ply between Singapore and Batam.


They have been reported to depart from both Harbor Front Passenger Terminal and Tanah Ferry Terminal to serve some of the specific terminals across the island which includes:

  1. Harbor Bay, which is known to be the main international ferry port for those who aare heading towards Nagoya, the biggest town in the island.
  2. Batam Center Ferry Terminal, mainly known to comprise of the most frequent ferry connections to and fro from Singapore to Johor Bahru and many more.
  • Karimun – The small island of Karimun lies at the westernmost of the Riau Archipelago which is just off the east coast of Sumatra. It is known to guard the southern entrance to the straits of Malacca. It is known to lie at the west of Batam and to the southwest of Singapore.